September 19

Peter Hujar, Brooklyn Basketball Court, 1976, Courtesy of the Peter Hujar Archive
Peter Hujar, Brooklyn Basketball Court, 1976, Courtesy of the Peter Hujar Archive


A man who I thought was just very sleepy and whose sleepiness really intrigued me like wow I’ve never been that sleepy on the train that I was slumping over like that: Well he turned out to be drunk or I assumed he was drunk. He began vomiting into his hands. He didn’t seem sick to me until that outburst of fluids. His friend kept apologizing to the rest of the passengers some of whom were moving into other sections of the train. Afterwards I stopped at the 24 hour grocery store and when I left I could hear a man on his phone talking about when his mother died and how that same night he got out of the subway and was approached by three men, one carrying a knife. His words trailed off as I turned the corner and at the same time a girl ran out from the subway entrance crying into her phone screaming someone’s name. As I made the turn to my street a little boy ran down the block crying. It sounded like he was being teased by the adults around him or so that was the narrative in my head as I crossed the street. A gust of wind and also blinking red lights from a firetruck which didn’t have its sirens on. Now I’m in my room and there are cats fighting outside and loud sirens passing by. And because I come from a culture of catholic superstitions, I thought about the word “presentiment” but really I think I’m just more awake than usual.

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  1. Felice

    this is some kind of 3D painting of sound and color. Each time I read this, I’m moved.
    Jamaica Kincaid
    Tom Spanbauer
    Don’t stop.

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