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Stop Making Sense: Looking at 3 exhibitions about AIDS


AIDS The First Five Years in New York—a current exhibition at the New York Historical Society—is heart breaking in its boredom. They have reduced the genesis of our ongoing crisis to a pedantic collection of papers, videos and pull quotes. And even though there are real political problems with the exhibition—the lack of people of color represented, and the relationship set up between gay sex in the 70s and AIDS in the 80s—it is the sheer lack of sex, despair, creativity, survival or urgency that is the shame of the Historical Society’s efforts. Continue reading

Thoughts on “Revisiting the AIDS Crisis and the Ongoing Pandemic”


This weekend, the New School and Visual AIDS presented the 3-part series: Revisiting the AIDS Crisis and the Ongoing Pandemic: Health Challenges is the 21st century. For In the Flesh, one of the organizers shares his thoughts on the kickoff event, Surviving, Uniting, Anger and the Plague: a Conversation with David France and Jim Hubbard. To learn more about the series visit: http://visualaids.org/blog/detail/revisiting-the-aids-crisis-and-the-ongoing-pandemic#.

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Homotextual #7: Love Positive Women, February 15th

 The thought of Valentine’s Day getting you down? Us too. 

Around this season of love, NYC splits into two decisive camps:

1.The candy-lovin’, heart-on-the-sleeve wearin’, de-thorned rose givin’, lacy craft makin torch holders of hetero-romance.
2. The angry, spiteful, lonely, depressed, vengeful cynics who say “Fuck love. pass me that Dario Argento dvd”.

What about the rest of us? Those of us who think love is something worth celebrating, but frankly, don’t want to be icky and boring about it?
This year In the Flesh and Visual AIDS invite you to take part in LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN: Romance Starts at Home. The International Community of Women Living with HIV’s initiative is a weeklong celebration of positive women where you are encouraged to show your love for positive women, or if you are positive, how you will love yourself better.

On February 15th, In the Flesh’s monthly reading series will be devoted to positive women + allies and their stories on love.
Come hear us at The Bureau!