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Homotextual #4: Heroes \ Idols \ Matricide – Friday Nov. 30th

Cinéaste Chantal Akerman says that people aren’t free when they have idols, and we agree –without question– with everything Chantal says.

Tonight will be about our relationships to our heroes, idols and legendary mothers. There are certain sharp teeth that develop when we study at the feet of the geniuses we adore, a particular desire to bite the hand that feeds us. Or worse, a terrible blindness.We want to be them/kill them/surpass them/humiliate them/die for them, and we here at ITF believe these urges are totally fucked up, er, normal and should be explored. So, if you’ve noticed that your idol worship has become idle worship, or you can’t seem to shake that effete Jean Genet voice from your homoprose, you might want to stop by. 

The night’s performers will be burning, laughing, glittering, screaming with double-edged hero-love.The Line Up:TL Cowan, Glenn Marla, Zachary Frater aka Banjela Davis. Readings begin at 7:30 SHARP at Bureau of General Services Queer Division, which is currently housed at the Strange Loop Gallery.