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Private Commission’s Nocturnal Emmission


Yesterday, Commissioners gathered on a freezing Tuesday night in February to eat cookies and hear lewd and lascivious stories at Dixon Place’s cozy lounge. It was the launch for the Uncensored Collection, an e-book of lesbian erotica published by Private Commission, a Brooklyn-based queer writing group. You can purchase your own copy of the collection for $2.99. Please write a review and say what you think!

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Sally Mann
Sally Mann

Rose had been helping Uncle Jack fix up their old Chevy when Lou announced she wanted to go exploring. A long, hot Mississippi afternoon stretched out before them and Uncle Jack said “You know what, it’s gon’ get hotter’n a whore’s tit out here soon anyway, why’nt you git along with Little Lou, Rosie.” Rose pulled up the waistband of her greasy jeans and wiped her palms on a corner of her oversized workshirt before pulling it over her head and wiping her face with it. Lou eyed Rose’s forearms; the way the muscles roped and strained under her tanned skin as if of their own accord, each one with its own intelligence. She licked her cracked lips. * Continue reading