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Dick Lit. 101: Men Who Write Bestselling Literary Fiction (and Why We Hate Them)



Ella on how the mainstream publishing industry white-washes feminist texts: “This is the magical revelation of The Marriage Plot? What all those hours of page-turning amount to? All the hype for this Pulitzer Prize winning, Times Square billboard modeling, New York Times best-selling, Salinger-like voice of a generation and it turns out he’s trying to sell me some sort of trickle-down, 40 years too late, mansplained, mealy-mouthed lip service on the importance of female emancipation? And I’m to shudder and swoon at the contemporary tragedy of it all? Well, shit Jeffrey. What a waste of time.”

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Interview: Lindsey Drury’s Run Little Girl, at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio




On February 25th and 26th, the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio had its final performance before shutting its doors forever. The last piece, titled: Run Little Girl (after a line from a poem John Cage wrote at age 4), was choreographed by Lindsey Drury, a Seattle native and non-Cunningham dancer. In her own words, Drury states, “Run Little Girl is performed as a folk dance haunted with demons, struggling in schisms between collectivism and individuality, feminism and misogyny, memory and anti-sentimentality, formalism and folk art”. We talk with her about the experience of showing her work in that space, what it meant both to her and in a larger context. Continue reading