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Interview: Cassidy Gardner of Queerocracy (with Michael Tikili)

© Sahil Kapur
© Sahil Kapur

Cassidy Gardner is the founding member of QUEEROCRACY, a New York City-based grassroots organization that promotes social and economic justice through direct action, community engagement and education. They commit to challenging institutional injustice locally and globally within a queer framework, building a sustainable movement to confront and transform the intersecting issues our communities face. We sat down to talk with Cassidy about HIV Criminalization. Her roomie and fellow QROC member, Michael Tikili, put in a surprise appearance as well!

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I Wave My Hands in Front of Me

© David Wojnarowicz

The medieval alchemical notion of the self is a homunculus seated in the mind’s throne peering out into the world, able to apprehend external reality at a safe distance through phantasms, which travel up the viscous bodily system and are re-articulated as images. This notion of the homunculus is enticing because it locates the self securely as an entity that inhabits and controls the psyche. Continue reading

Interview: Sarah Schulman’s Gentrification of the Mind


Sarah Schulman is a writer, activist and Distinguished Professor at CUNY.  Her books include : Empathy, People in Trouble, Rat Bohemia, The Child, The Ties that Bind : Familial Homophobia, and After Delores, among others. We sat down to talk with her on her home turf: The East Village, also the subject of her new book, Gentrification of the Mind : Witness to a Lost Imagination just published by UCPress. Of course, we did not stay on topic, and the discussion opened up to include OWS, Pinkwashing, Trauma, Sex Wars, Direct Action Tactics, Secret Lesbian Book Exchanges, etc. You know, the usual. Continue reading