How Many Feminist Bookstores Are There?

WomenWomenFirst-GenderDetectiveFor my documentary project, The Unknown Play Project, I’ve been doing some research into different spaces that have been important to queers past and present. Feminist bookstores are often at the top of many people’s lists, but, as most readers know, brick and mortar bookstores have been quickly disappearing over the past two decades.

Below are some highlights from some of my research into feminist bookstores in the US of the last twenty years. Read the full article on the project website.

And stop by your nearest feminist bookstore to give them a little love!

(Click purple icons to get name and address information. See full list of 2014 feminist bookstores with addresses and links below map.)

Feminist Bookstores in US in 1994/5 (Total: 100)

Feminist Bookstores in US in 2014 (Total: 14, as of 15 Feb 2014)

Existing US Feminist Bookstores (as of 15 Feb 2014)

For information on the sources for this information and more feminist bookstore resources, read the full article.

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