Brand New Podcast: ESL


In the Flesh’s own Ella and Aldrin have launched a podcast!

ESL is a podcast made by and for writing majors in recovery. By turns philosophical, funny, faggy, stupid, unsure of itself, burnt-out, drunk, aimless, wilfully foolish and fey, ambivalently political, offensive, racy, unambitious, and poetic in the worst sense, ESL is confused about raisin d’être for it’s bein’ there, and probably should only be listened to if you have absolutely nothing better to do. Basically we are two artist friends sitting on a roof drinking beer who sometimes have other artist friends come over and drink beer with us.

The first episode was recorded in late August and include such topics as: Hemlock Grove, concussions, Muriel Rukeyser’s Savage Coast, anal sex, scabies, Freud, Saturn Returns, self-censorship, a shake re-telling of WWII, and non-fryable asbestos. Please excuse the quality of the sound and  conversation. Early days.

Ella says: If this podcast ends up sucking, we can always blame it on my concussion”


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