Sally Mann
Sally Mann

Rose had been helping Uncle Jack fix up their old Chevy when Lou announced she wanted to go exploring. A long, hot Mississippi afternoon stretched out before them and Uncle Jack said “You know what, it’s gon’ get hotter’n a whore’s tit out here soon anyway, why’nt you git along with Little Lou, Rosie.” Rose pulled up the waistband of her greasy jeans and wiped her palms on a corner of her oversized workshirt before pulling it over her head and wiping her face with it. Lou eyed Rose’s forearms; the way the muscles roped and strained under her tanned skin as if of their own accord, each one with its own intelligence. She licked her cracked lips. *

“You look thirsty, Lou,” Rose grinned, “Come on, let’s gon’ get a cool drink of water from the pump and then I’ll follow you wherever you like.” Lou went after her cousin and waved bye to Uncle Jack.

They reached the pump and Rose grabbed the handle, lifting and pushing so that an icy jet of spring water shot out of the spigot. “You first,” she said. As Lou leaned down, she glanced quickly up at Rose who was not 6 inches from her, arm pumping, t-shirt straining her breasts. Lou realized with a jolt that her cousin wasn’t wearing a bra; her nipples made dark Os in the white cotton, rising and falling with her breath. “Come on, cuz, I ain’t gonna stand here pumpin’ for you all day. Shit or get off the pot.” Lou drank, and splashed a little water on her face.

“Your turn.” Not letting go of the pump, Rose bent forward and put her face right up to the stream, slurping greedily. Then, without warning, she stuck her whole head in the water, right up to the last little hairs on the back of her neck before pulling herself upright and shaking her short black hair like a dog. Dogwater sprayed Lou. If a boy had done that, she would have gotten cross and cussed him out, but at this moment she only became more aware of her skin’s heat against the water’s coolness, and she laughed in surprise. Rose grinned. Droplets dripped down her neck, settling into the sweat, wet meeting wet. Lou became suddenly anxious to get a move on, “Come on, let’s go.” They set off toward the edge of the woods, the summer air filling their mouths like honey. At first, they walked together in silence. Lou thought only of how good it was to walk in the heat, everything slow and exaggerated, moving to the lazy hum of the cicadas. As they reached the mouth of the woods, the scent changed. Dampness oozed through them, the dark power of the forest transforming the day’s clarity into sticky velvet shadow. The air vibrated with secrets Lou could only guess at, and she suddenly understood why Rose was always coming here. In that dark, she felt closer to her cousin and all she knew.

“Didja ever see a panther in here?” she suddenly had to know. Rose laughed and Lou felt embarrassed, realizing the childishness of her question.

“Naw, there ain’t no panthers here. Seen a lotta snakes though,”

“Aw, yeah? What kindsa snakes?”

“Cottonmouths mostly. You ever encountered a cottonmouth before?” Lou thought of the garter snakes in her backyard.


“Oh, they’re right nasty things. Got bodies thick as sailing rope and teeth skinny as needles. They’re brown but when they open their mouths wide, you can see it’s all white. That’s why they call ‘em cottonmouths” Rose swatted a long-legged flying insect out of her face and continued,  “their venom’s poisonous too. If a cottonmouth ever takes a bite outta you, best thing to do is kill a chicken and smear its hot blood over the wound.” Lou shivered.

“Didja ever get bit by one?”

“Once. Big  ol’ motherfucker snuck up on me while I was fishin’ in the creek and I stepped on it. Well, the cottonmouth didn’t like that one bit an’ she snagged my calf. I tell you I had a job cuttin’ loose from her. My leg swole up to the size of a cantaloupe and, well, it’s just a good thing Mama keeps them chickens by the house. Even so, I was sick for a week, with all kindsa hallucinations an’ visions an’ things”.  Lou thought of the snake, the sound of its cold scales slithering dryly through the leaves, its head rising, mouth bending open to reveal a delicately deadly white throat.

“Snakes are kinda sexy, if you think about it,” Lou said, unthinking. Rose did a doubletake, “No, really. Think about it. The way they move, all stealthy-like, and the way their bellies curve and coil and slide. Even their poison is sexy. It’s excitin’, knowing you gotta be careful around a wild thing like that,”

“Guess that’s why they say the devil is a snake. I never thought of it before, but I suppose when you put it like that, I, uh, see your point.” Rose threw her a sidelong glance “Hey, when’d you start havin’ all these hot thoughts, anyway? You’re just a baby,”

“I’m not a baby, I’m nearly fifteen years old. There’s people in these parts droppin’ babies younger’n me, I’ll tell you, that. Shoot.”

“I didn’t mean to make you sore. I just always thought of you as my baby cousin, I guess.”

“I know. Little Lou this an’ Little Lou that,” Lou rolled her eyes “Thing is, I ain’t so little anymore. I grew 3 inches this past year, and I…I’ve got curves, just like them snakes.” She could feel Rose examining her. Even in the gloom, the sudden fire of those mischief eyes glowed white hot, or maybe it was that she was glowing under Rose’s gaze.

“I can see that,” Rose said slowly. They had stopped walking and Rose placed her hand lightly on Lou’s hip. Lou’s insides turned to cream. She could feel even through her jeans that those hands were soft and rough at the same time. Then Rose pinched her “Maybe I never noticed before ‘cause you’re always wearin’ them dumpy overalls.” Lou shrieked in righteous embarrassment and whacked Rose on the shoulder,

“Well I never, Rose-Anne Cartwright! You’re one to talk, look at your ol’ stinky self!” And she tugged playfully at her cousin’s waistband. Suddenly Lou was on the ground, Rose on top of her, wrestling her hands behind her and tickling her at the same time,

“Take that back, Lou! Take back what you said!” Lou shrieked and giggled, tears streaming down her face.

“Never!” she choked, “You’re nothin’ but a stinky-ol’, boy-lookin’, farm-hand, chicken-killer!”

“Oh, you’re a nasty gal, ain’t you? I’ll teach ya. I’m just as strong as any boy you’ll ever meet,” and Rose’s tickling intensified as she maneuvered herself to better pin Lou to the ground.

“I-if you can do e-everything a boy does, d-does that mean you w-want everything a boy wants?” Lou spluttered. Rose stopped her tickling and looked Lou squarely in the face. Their chests were heaving, faces slick.

“What do you mean?” Her face was centimeters away. Licking distance. Lou could feel her cousin’s nipples on her chest, her own breasts pressed under the weight of Rose’s ribcage, she felt for the first time their full roundness. The breath emanating from Rose’s mouth was warm and dry. Cottonmouth she thought. Every nerve she had fired its pistons as she reached up to touch the space between Rose’s neck and cheek. Her cousin’s pulse pounded through her like a mighty river. Filled with longing, her grip became more insistent, and she pulled Rose’s face down to meet hers. Rose’s lips were as strong and hot as the rest of her. She rolled her tongue over Rose’s and moaned a little. There was a taste of elderberries and cotton. The heat from their faces made their sweat meld and trickle. They kissed and kissed. Then Rose pulled away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I know,” said Lou, before pulling her down to kiss her once again. Rose came back up,

“But you’re my cousin, my blood. It ain’t right,”

“I know. It’s really wrong. It’s a terrible sin,” Lou was relishing the drama of the moment and pulled Rose to her again.

“Mm, but you’re so young! You’re too young for this. We’ll get ourselves in a whole heap a trouble,”

“Who’s gonna tell?”

“Is this your first time doin’ this?”

“Kissing? Naw. But that’s all I’ve done.”

“Shit.” Rose hung her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, I don’t just wanna kiss you.” A smile crept over Lou’s face.

“What do you wanna do to me, Rose?”

“I can’t tell you. You’re still Little Lou to me, no matter how grown up you are,”

“Well maybe you oughta start calling me Big Louise.” Rose smiled at that and she said in a low voice,

“Okay Big Louise, I want to show you how you make me feel. Can I do that?”

“Yes Rose, I trust you,”

“Good, I trust you too,” and she took Lou’s hand and slid it into her jeans, underneath her briefs. The slickness there made Lou’s hand slip all the way inside her cousin, without even meaning to. Lou shuddered with shock at the feel of the hot velvet walls clenching her slick fingers. Rose moaned and gripped Lou’s shoulders. “Do you feel that?”

“Oh God, Rose. Yes, I feel it.” The quiver and pulse of Rose’s insides was a speech. A peach that explained more than a hundred love songs, more than 10,000 words of desire. Lou pulled her fingers down slowly and Rose’s grip slackened as she hung her head and groaned. Lou loved the way it felt to move her fingers, exploring each bump and ridge on the tunnel of flesh. She sank back in and Rose inhaled sharply, her hips pushing down, pushing her in deeper. Lou realized that she could direct Rose’s hips at her every whim. But her hand was mashed between pussy and jean, inhibiting her freedom of movement. “Take your pants off, Rose, I can’t tell what the hell I’m doing down there if you’ve got ‘em on.” The two of them struggled the pants off and Rose searched out Lou’s hand, pulling it out to look at. She bit her lip. Then Lou got an evil idea.

“Taste it,”


“Put it ‘em your mouth, Rose, and see what you taste like.” Slowly, Rose licked the sticky length of her fingers, and then put her mouth over them, sucking them dry, her head moving up and down.  Lou closed her eyes. She had never known that fingers could feel this way, as if five tiny penises extended from her palms. “Good, keep suckin’ like that,” Rose’s head bobbed vigorously. With her other hand, Lou searched out Rose’s clit and teased it, pushing and pulling on the flesh all around it, before sliding her hand back into her cunt. The vibration of Rose’s moans on her fingers only made Lou bolder and she moved the hand that was inside her lover faster back and forth in a come hither motion. She sensed this motion was coaxing the deepest juices out of Rose, and she kept up a steady rhythm, curious about what she might find if she coaxed long enough. Rose appeared to lose concentration as Lou fucked her, and the fingers she’d been sucking on slipped out of her mouth as she panted and planted her open palms on the ground. She repositioned herself on Lou and bore down. Lou held onto Rose’s slender hips and guided their rocking motion so that she could get as deep into her as possible. She brought her hips up to meet Rose’s and her hand became an extension of her own clit, a girldick. Rose ground her hips into hers and soon the front of Lou’s jeans were soaked with Rose’s come.

Rose was in another universe, lost in the motion of her hips and the pressure of Lou’s fingers pushing and pulling at her. She was whimpering and suddenly Lou needed to have her in her mouth. Not breaking her hand’s stride, she shimmied downward and guided Rose’s hips up to her face.  The damp earth had begun to seep through her clothing, easing its way into the fabric of her shirt like slithering, icy fingers. She shuddered and pulled her tongue slowly along the length of Rose’s pussy lips. Rose groaned and threw her head back. Lou smiled and pushed the outer lips aside with her tongue, gliding deeper to the inner folds. She pictured what this must look like, this pink on pink, spit on spit, and then sucked up the cream that had begun to ooze thickly into her mouth. The taste was indescribable. Her mouth was full with her lover and she slurped and sucked, still fucking Rose with her hand, which was soaked to the wrist. Lou began to moan and the tremors of her own voice in Rose’s cunt seemed to send Rose over the edge, her thighs began to shake and her breathing became ragged. Lou kept steady, refusing to break focus, the little jewel of her lover’s orgasm only moments away. Finally Rose dug her hands into Lou’s hair, and let out a long shuddering sigh, her voice breaking, body hiccupping. Lou could feel the walls of Rose’s cunt spasm and flex, each one a smaller ebb of the last. Rose sank down beside her, red with satisfaction.

They looked at each other and smiled embarrassedly. Lou put her hand over her eyes. A pool of guilt began to well in her stomach. Rose pulled her hand away, her eyes twinkled, and she grinned rakishly. All at once Lou’s gut seized. “Well,” Rose said, “I guess that’s what they mean by kissin’ cousins, then, ain’t it?”

The guilt-dam welling up inside her burst open and Lou began to laugh uncontrollably. Rose started in too and soon they were rolling on their backs, doubled over in hysterics as if not a funnier phrase had been uttered in the history of the whole wide world. “K-kissing, c-c-cousins! Eeheehee!!!” It took 5 minutes before they regained control of themselves and then Rose, wiping tears from her eyes said,

“Hush, now. I want to make you feel the way you made me feel, Louise. Will you let me?” Desire roared in Louise’s ears. Yes. Yes. Yes.

“Show me.” Rose pulled off Louise’s jeans and underwear wordlessly. Then she unbuttoned her shirt, unfastening each button carefully before pulling off the sleeves. Louise watched her fingers work, imagining their dextrous flexing inside her.

Rose’s hands traced her breasts and torso. The roughness of her calluses mixed with her tender assuredness made Louise’s skin jump. Rose kissed the nape of her neck, sucking on it as she slid her fingers down to Louise’s upper thighs, massaging the place where thigh and pussy meet. “Mm. You are so soft. I bet your pussy’s soft too.” Rose gently pulled her open and traced a finger delicately along the inside of her lips. It tickled lightly. Louise squirmed.

“Stop teasing me, Rose-Anne!”

“Damn, but if you ain’t an impatient little thing. Alright, alright, I’ll put my money where my mouth is.” With that, Rose spread Louise’s thighs and knelt between them. Louise could feel her lover’s breath on her lips, and she bit her index finger in anticipation. The first slide of Rose’s tongue went from stem to stern and a wave of lust snaked from her ass to the tip of her head. Louise moaned and let her knees bend in on themselves, falling wide open to Rose like petals to the sun. Rose began sucking on her as if she were a child sucking up an ice cream cone. Rose was hungry for it, Louise could feel it driving her as if her tongue were searching out the center of her, trying to worm it out of her, willing to pay any price to get it. Louise bit her index and middle fingers hard, then began to suck on them, groaning, pressing her hips into Rose’s face, Rose greedily slurping up anything that came at her. Louise cupped and massaged her breasts, their weight and tension reassuring. Wet leaves, Spanish moss and dirt were stuck to her ass and thighs, but she didn’t care. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she shut them. She was falling, falling into forest time, falling into silence, into the heavy hush of her deepest self. A wave of coolness spread across her belly, purposeful and heavy, unlike anything she had ever felt before. Louise felt ancient, weighted, wise.

“Louise”. The coolness slid and rolled, coiling itself on her pelvis. “Louise.” Rose’s voice was tense, measured and low, as if she were in the presence of a rabid dog. “Don’t move.” Louise opened her eyes to look at Rose, and instead was met by two oval eyes the color of gunmetal, peering out at her from a mean-looking triangular head. A cottonmouth had somehow slid its way onto the lower belly of Louise Cartwright Boudinot and was now sitting coiled, head raised, its gaze fixed intently on her, as if both curious to see what her next move would be and daring her to make one.

“Don’t get excited. Stay real calm. Long as her mouth stays shut, we’ll know she don’t feel threatened none, and we’ll be alright.” Blind shock was quickly giving way to terror as the snake studied her, and Louise tried to concentrate on her breathing. She kept it shallow, so as not to disturb the snake’s body.

“Hey there, little cottonmouth,” she said in the calmest, lowest voice she could muster “How’d you get up there?” The snake didn’t move. “Rosie,” She said, not daring to break its gaze, “I’m scared.”

“I know. Maybe…maybe try talking to it with your eyes.” Louise tried to soften her regard, feel warmly toward it, but all she felt was cold, cold, cold. The snake began to unwind itself slowly. The dry scales tickled Louise’s skin and she shuddered. It was   heading up closer to her. It slid itself between her breasts and stopped again, a tumescent S held rigid in the cleft of her bosom, ready to strike. Its eyes were unblinking, both catlike and reptilian. Its forked tongue hissed. Smelling her smell. Can it smell my fear? She wondered. Then, as if satisfied, it turned and headed back down to her thigh, leaving a smooth trail in the film of her sweat behind it. Louise couldn’t look anymore and dropped her head back. Soon the narrowest part of the snake had passed from her thigh to the ground and she felt only the slick where it had been.  An odor rose, sickly sweet like something rotting, a melon maybe, some meaty kind of fruit.

“What’s it doing, Rose?” Silence. “Rose?”

“I… I don’t believe it. It’s marked you. You smell that musk? I think, I think it wants… I don’t know,” Louise pulled herself onto her elbows to get a better look. The odor was strong, but somehow not unpleasant. The cottonmouth approached her cunt, its tongue fanning, and lifted itself up gingerly, flicking her outer lips. Louise felt like fainting.

“Oh my god. Oh my god, I’m gonna lose it.”

“Stay calm. You’re alright. It’s curious about you.” The cottonmouth’s vibrating tongue was still at her outer lips. Then, in one incredible moment, it pushed its way inside her. Louise inhaled sharply.  The reptile slid in neatly.  Louise felt full, the scales undulating her inside flesh, a long earthy muscle twisting. “Rose,”

“What does it feel like?”

“It’s cold. I can’t describe it. Come lie next to me.” Rose spread her clothes out next to Louise and stared at her, bewildered. The snake’s head was deep in her. The power of its body was incredible. Louise felt its every twitch and she gasped at each movement it made.

“Should I try and kill it?”

“No.” Louise was suddenly defensive. She was afraid, but she began to yield to the fear, to whatever the snake wanted to give her. She felt for Rose’s hand and closed her eyes again. The cottonmouth wriggled and the friction of its scales made her hips rock gently to meet its motion. It was as if the snake was pressing all the evil of the world into her. That creeping oozing gunk, the festering lies, the putrefaction of desire gone bad. She trembled, full up with it. Every hissing thought she’d ever had, in the girl’s bathroom, in her bed, into the ear of the girl one desk away, was pulled out through the acrid smell of the snake’s desire. It was flailing now, the smooth scales tugged her inside skin, its marbled head exploring the arc of her, nesting here and bending there.

“Rose,” she said. “Lick me. Put me in your mouth.” Louise did not have to explain. Rose knew. She bent over the wriggling phallus and stretched her tongue out to taste it. Then she pulled her tongue down its back with slow assurance. The snake spasmed in response and Louise felt some deep moan escape her. Rose picked up the tip of the snake-cock and licked it, rolling it in her hands. Then she slid it into her mouth, sucking on the end of it, her eyes fixed on Louise, never losing focus.

Louise’s vision began to blur. The darkness penetrating her was all-consuming. The snake was an extension of herself and Rose had it in her mouth, tugging on it, sucking its mottled end. Louise felt it was setting her on fire, this tremendous cold spreading through her. She shivered, her hips bucked. The pulse of the evil thing inside her was turning her cunt to hot tar. She felt the tar escaping with agonizing languor, its stickiness twisting down her thighs in opaque rivulets. Her breath came a like a sow in labor. She continued the descent inward. The snake climbed further into her darkness, seeking each secret place and licking it out until every one of her desires was unfurled and exposed to both her and the snake simultaneously. It was then that Louise realized the darkness she was feeling was color. It was rising up as a solid wave from her cunt, from her heart, from the marrow of her spine, and all at once revealed itself in a sparking electric current. The color blue. A blue that distinguishes itself from black only in shimmering side-vision, and then disintigrates.  Blue-black. Blue-black. The cunt. Blue-black. Blue-black. The chest. Volupt, volupt. The heart.


Blue sneaks into me the way you sneak into me.


When Louise regained a sense of the outside world she realized she had been speaking to Rose, but what she’d said, Louise had no idea. The snake lay between her legs, lifeless. It had given itself to her. They would never know why.

Rose and Louise stared at each other, afraid that if they broke contact, they would realize they had cracked open some fundamental law of nature. They could not move. Their minds swallowed up by the impenetrable forest, all they could do was sit, stunned and motionless. It was as if there was no difference between their limbs and the kudzu vines on the ground. Their hair was tangled Spanish moss, their expressions twisted as tree knots, the pounding of their hearts as ominous and foreign-sounding as rough scales sliding through brush.


*Cottonmouth will appear in the forthcoming e-book by members of Private Commission entitled The Uncensored Collection: Lesbian Erotica.


  1. Elizabeth

    Yes, it made my clit clench. Very nicely, thank you. Definitely worthy of Cleis. I was relieved to get past the dialect though, it felt overdone.
    I have a question about the passage
    “The quiver and pulse of Rose’s insides was a speech. A peach that explained more than a hundred love songs, more than 10,000 words of desire. ”
    Speech/peach? The rhyming metaphor was kind of discordant. Like hearing a phone ring during what was about to be lovely sticky sex.

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