Homotextual #5: Ugly – Tuesday, December 19th

Annex - Leigh, Janet (Psycho)_01 Ugly has no alibi. Ugly roams the earth alone. Ugly awakes one morning from uneasy dreams. Ugly has homosexual tendencies. Ugly ate the whole thing and isn’t sorry. Ugly has emotional whatever. Ugly will tell you it wants everything. Ugly likes to leer at small children. Ugly is always unrequited, self-excited and tries to hide it. Ugly killed him once and would do it again. Ugly knew about it the whole time but didn’t say anything. Ugly resents Guilt, but sucks up to her at parties. Ugly is a freak, a martyr and a thief. Finally, Ugly will never forgive you. Ever.

In the Flesh was Ugly in high school. Now we are only Ugly on the inside.

Come catch a glimpse of Ugly on Wednesday, December 19th at the Bureau (currently housed in the Strange Loop Gallery).

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